Carts and Pricing

Flexible catering options and late night service

All carts have a $400 (2 hour) minimum, with $150 for each additional hour. We offer two price structures for catering events. Either guests can pay when they make a purchase, or we can bill you later for the total cost of food purchased by your guests.

Marco’s Grilled Cheese

  • Grilled cheese: $4.50
  • Cheese quesadilla: $4.50
  • Chicken or ham quesadilla: $5.50
  • Ham and cheese: $5.50
  • Double decker: $6.50

George's Gyros

  • Lamb/Beef with Tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, & white onions: $7.00

Paco's Tacos

  • Walking taco: $7.00

All carts: Catering $400 minimum* (2 hours), $150 for each additional hour

For more information contact

*Customer is charged based on food consumed, but the minimum is in place when the food consumed is less than the minimum